There is a new kid in town! An incredibly rare hybrid, there are only about 200 Caracats worldwide, with just a few of them in the United States.

Caracats’ wild ancestors, Caracals are beautiful and majestic wild cats. But owning a large exotic animal isn’t an option for many: they require special dietary needs, special housing and enclosures for exercise, and a lifetime commitment.

That’s why for years breeders have tried to hybridize the caracal with little success until recently. Caracats are a cross between a wild cat - caracal (“desert lynx”) and an Abyssinian, an Abycoon (another new breed used in the Caracat breeding program - MC crossed Abyssinian), Maine Coon or Chausie (Jungle cat cross domestic).

Properly breed Caracats will have a diminished cougar moustache and smaller ear tufts, but they will still have these distinct Caracal qualities. Caracats are affectionate lap cats; they are simply delightful, unique cats, and at the moment there are not many individuals of this rare breed in the world, and their owners rightfully consider themselves lucky!

Caracat is a hybrid, with a pleasant, yet strong-willed demeanor. These cats are calm, very intelligent therefore amenable to training, and like any hybridized breed, the Caracat is curious and active. In many ways, Caracats are like dogs, they are loyal to their owner and do not mind expressing their love. From domestic cats, they inherited a gentle and non-aggressive character, and from wild ancestors - a sharp mind, learning ability, and independence.

They are curious, will take part in household chores, never give up on active games, and in general, will keep you entertained. These amazing cats love to communicate with their owner and they are happy to be with people. They graceful and patient cats, that are not inclined to show aggression, and if you surround them with love and care, they will respond in the same way.

They get along well with other pets, except for rodents and birds. Due to its close relationship with wild cats, the Caracat breed has excellent genetics.

Caracat, a new hybrid, hasn’t been registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) until 2015.

All our cats are TICA registered (pedigreed) and genetically tested.