Silver van Meowser, aka Big Boy protects the household against squirrels (real & imagined).


Went to the beach and the water tested terrible

Territory marked in 5 different states and the District of Columbia


This is our well traveled showman from California.

He's been there, thank that - cat shows, (2nd best kitten in the US) horse riding, cattle herding, just like in that Chevy add.

You don't believe it - we got pictures to prove it! He'll lick you to death and it's always ready for a new adventure.

Currently learning how to be a father.

Lala She is our homegrown girl,

super pretty and very sweet. Lean and tall,

with gorgeous markings and a velvet-like coat.

Polly - the Ninja cat and a full time chaos coordinator.

She likes to sing and drive her humans crazy.

Life achievements: once climbed a tree and almost gave her human heart attack.

Avid hunter - cicadas eaten: 1