The Savannah breed is based on the wild African Serval. They are one of a very few hybrid type breeds. A couple of other hybrid breeds are Bengals based on the Asian Leopard cat and Chausie which is based on the Jungle Cat.

Savannahs are pleasant and very aware of their surroundings. Their marked intelligence tends to get them into many mischievous situations in the home. They are of high energy and they love being a part of everything you do.

Are They Good pets?

Yes and no. To be honest, if you are a person who has had Persians all your life, a Savannah cat is probably not for you. The difference would be shocking.

Right from the beginning, Savannah kittens are active and want to interact with their family. They’re always up for a play, walk on a leash, to take a bath (yes, with you, as they are really fond of water) or watch hockey or football (because they like to chase the ball on the screen).

And in general, be an interactive cat at to drop of a hat.

To be fair, not every Savannah cat will like water or will jog with their owner. They are, however, replacing dogs in many hike and bike trails for fitness-minded people and ease of care.

What do they eat?

Savannahs are considered domestic cats and can be fed cat food like any other domestic. But don’t go cheap. They should be on a high protein non grain food (grain free). We feed raw chicken/rabbit based along with a Nature’s Variety, Blue Buffalo, Nulo and Wellness. Be sure that when you get your kitten that you keep your fur baby on the same food that the breeder used and GRADUALLY change their diet if you choose to. Never abruptly change food or it will make them sick. Just like any other cat.

Are Savannah cats Big?

Savannahs are tall and their body is long. Also, their muscles are lean. Quite like swimmers’ muscles. Due to their height and length, many people think Savannah cats weigh much more than they do. In fact, most Savannahs are in the 18 to 20-pound range with some less and a few a bit more. Surprisingly, Savannahs are not the biggest cat breed. That honor goes to the Maine Coon cat. Something else that is important to know is that the Bengal cat was used often as the domestic breed when Savannah cats began. Therefore, some pedigrees to this day have heavier boning and muscles. There are Savannah cats built heavier and who will weigh more but it is not the goal of the breed. The best cats resemble the tall, long and thin body style with the graceful boning of the wild serval.